I simply believe that people are much nicer to each other when they are happy and relaxed. The nicer we are to other people, the nicer they are to others too.
It creates the butterfly effect! It creates more happiness in this world!

Who am I?

I’m Michaela, originally from the Czech Republic. I teach yoga & yoga nidra to help people to let go of tensions, to connect with themselves and to gain a deep rest. 
I support people in integrating yoga practices in their everyday life on and off the yoga mat, so they can use the yoga techniques when needed to feel calm, rested and present.
You can read my full story about how my yoga journey has evolved here!


Calming Hour

A one-off, private online yoga session to help you relieve the stress and body tensions from the day so you gain an immediate calmness and rest.

Stress Less, Zen More

A 6-week private program is for busy professionals who are ready to learn how to go from tired & stressed to well-rested calm.

Self-Connection Journey

A transformational, 3-month private online program for those who want to develop a yoga practice and mindful habits that transform the way they experience life.

What are my students saying? 😊

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