Your Guide to Calmness Ebook

Includes five nurturing practices and two bonuses

A 16-page ebook for you to incorporate calming and centering yoga practices into your everyday life. It includes five nurturing practices and two bonus yoga flows.

What will you learn in this ebook?
 How stress response works in your body.
 You will get clearer on what you can control in your everyday life.
 5 practices which will help you to relax the body & mind.
 Knowing how to effectively incorporate those practices so that you can benefit from them.



Let it go so that you can glow.

What are my students saying? 😊

You are in charge of your inner state. You can choose whatever you act from a state of your own integrity or from a reactive state. This really determines the quality of our thinking & acting, relationships and a sense of purpose in life. Fill in the form below to receive the ebook.


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