Self-Connection Journey

Connect with yourself on a new level.

A transformational, 6-week private online program for those who want to develop a yoga practice and mindful habits to fit in their everyday life to feel relaxed, present and connected with themselves.

This program is for you if you are:

  • Ready to turn stress, tension and feeling of low in energy into having more space to feel relaxed, harmonized and happy.
  • Excited to overcome a lack of discipline and finally build-up a solid habit of a yoga practice to the level that it feels as natural as brushing your teeth.
  • Keen to let go of worrying about the past and the future and instead start to live fully at the present moment where the magic happens.

What's included:

  • 6 one-on-one online sessions & its recordings.
  • Audio recordings.
  • Unlimited email support (Mon – Fri).

Visualize this: In a 6-week period you will:

You will walk away with an embodied toolkit of yoga & breathing practices to fit in your everyday life, having a personal yoga practice based on your needs which often takes a long time to develop. By the end of this 6-week program you will feel relaxed, balanced, aware of the body and the mind and when there is a challenging situation coming up you come back to your centre and respond to that with ease and detachment.

I'm here to help you to create your yoga practice so that you can feel calm, relaxed and present.

Topics you may choose to be part of your personalized program:

  • Body & Mind Awareness: Analyzing Needs

    Knowing what your needs are at the moment is crucial in order to make changes to feel harmonized and peaceful.

  • Awareness of Physical, Mental and Emotional Effects of Different Practices

    You will be consequently building-up a sense of awareness of the effects of yoga practices on your body and mind so that you can adapt your practice to your needs.

  • Creating Both a Short and a Long Yoga Practice to Fit in Your Day

    15-minute yoga practice in the morning, 5-minute practice at work to feel centered, 60-minute practice at the weekend,..? Not a problem! You will know how to practice them all.

  • Release Stress and Ease Body Tensions

    Stress response is controlled by the nervous system. Learn to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for the "peace" response and be more in control of your life.

  • Basic Breathing Techniques

    Breath is the core of everything. It affects almost all the other body functions. It allows a shift in mood, energy, concentration, etc.

  • Being in the Present Moment

    You have probably heard a saying “Present is a gift.” and it’s true. The best way to create our future is to be 100% present during the activity we are doing right now.

  • Being More Connected with Yourself

    Listen to your inner voice so that you can make decisions which are aligned with yourself and make you happy.

How it works:

We will meet at 6 one-on-one online sessions over the period of three months, the sessions will be completely personalized to your specific desired outcome. In order to embody the techniques, you will have a self-practice between our online live sessions based on what we have done in the last session and on the week’s focus. I will be here for you to support and empower you during the whole process.

What are my students saying? 😊

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