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My Yoga Story

My yoga journey has started during a student internship on a lovely smaragd island called Ireland. I stayed with two Irish girls and one of them was undergoing her yoga teacher training. I did some yoga before but it was just another type of exercise at that point.

One day (yes, this was the important day!) my plans got cancelled on the way to Dublin’s city centre and I was wondering what I’m going to do instead, and I realised there is a yoga class in a park. My other Irish friend gave me her yoga mat when I moved into the house I stayed in, what a coincidence (I don’t believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason). I just quickly got back for the mat and I headed to this class, not knowing how important it will be.

The class was awesome. The teacher was shining, she had such a nice energy which totally amazed me and at that moment I knew I wanted to go more deeper in yoga and to shine as she does. I felt so happy the rest of the day! I remember I was just laughing the whole evening with my flatmates. This class CHANGED MY LIFE.

It inspired me to get a membership in a local studio and I ended up going for a yoga class almost every single day, sometimes twice. 😀

After getting back to Prague I was struggling to find a teacher I would resonate with as I was hoping to find the same type of class and I didn’t know the yoga scene but I eventually found the right teacher for me! It felt like a blessing.

I continued to practice almost every day and later I realised I would like to deepen my yoga knowledge and skills, so I decided to take my first yoga teacher training. After finishing the training, I decided to move to New Zealand to explore yoga on the other side of the world. 😊

Michaela Simova and her yoga teachers from Dublin
With my lovely Irish yoga teachers Art and Jenny in Dublin, Ireland

Yoga Nidra Story

I wouldn’t expect this to happen at all! I came to Wellington, NZ and I was seeking yoga classes where I could work on my handstands but there are not that many people practicing handstands as they are in Prague so I ended up working on them on my own at home.

Classes I attended in a studio where I also taught yoga were gentle and I slowly started to discover the beauty of gentleness to the point of finding myself practicing yoga nidra and feeling like I don’t need to do handstands anymore, I’m totally happy to just do yoga nidra. I felt so relaxed and connected with myself.

At one of the yoga nidra classes I experienced such a deep feeling of gratefulness, I have never had such an experience of sensations in my body before. It showed me how powerful the practice can be.

I got very excited and curious about that and it inspired me to apply to my second yoga teacher training focused on restorative yoga & yoga nidra. I wanted to know more about this practice, how it works and what’s the science behind it.

And unexpectedly, I found out that yoga nidra is so much more and it has a huge potential! It releases tensions on a mental, emotional and physical level. It allows us to get a deep rest.

We are externalized all day long, we are using all five senses almost all day long, still getting new information from the world outside of us, there is always something that wants our attention. Yoga nidra is a way to withdraw the senses from the external world and turn the attention inside, get a deep rest and be aware. 😊

Learning about Yoga Nidra and restorative effects of yoga.
Learning from amazing Swami Karma Karuna at Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in Auckland, New Zealand

How Did Yoga Transform my Life? Internal Changes

I used to struggle with decision making a lot and it was one of the big source of stress in my life. It was because I couldn’t hear my inner voice, to feel what’s the right step for me and I felt totally lost, not knowing what to do and which option to choose.

BUT this has changed. Yoga learnt me to feel my body and hear my inner voice so that I can easily recognize what is and what isn’t aligned with me. As a result, I’m walking my authentic path, I feel content and happy.

Overthinking, not being sure what is the right decision for me and mental chaos usually resulted in a stress reaction which manifested as anxiety. It still happens sometimes but not that often anymore. Firstly I’m trying to avoid triggers to trigger me, trying to find out my mental/emotional patterns so I can resolve them. Secondly, when the stress reaction happens I’m using yoga techniques, usually breath techniques to come back to a balance so that I can feel relaxed, rested and happy.

Michaela Simova is Teaching a Calming Hatha Yoga Class in Wellington
Teaching a yoga class with an lovely view in Wellington.

Teaching Mission

There is so much stimulation in the world and most of us feel like we have to be achieving something all the time, the society is pushing us in a certain direction and people are stressed out. I simply believe the world will be a nicer place to live when people are relaxed because they will be happier, there will be space for happiness once there is less tension. People are nicer to each other when they are happy. There is a difference between days with and without negative input. The way how people behave simply matters.

We all affect each other consciously and subconsciously. And it’s a responsibility of everyone to take care of themselves, live their truth and express their uniqueness so others can benefit from that, as a result of individual and collective work is the whole society moving forward.

I teach classes and courses which work towards physical relaxation, calming down the nervous system and releasing tension on physical, mental and emotional levels. The deepest reason why I have decided to teach this type of yoga is that I believe that all of us need some deep rest and relax.


  • RYT150 Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Nidra & Restorative Yoga, Kawai PurapuraNew Zealand, February 2020 – June 2020
  • Intensive with Donna Farhi, The Yoga of Sensory Awareness, New Zealand, October 2019
  • Yoga for Elderly Training with Jana Najbrtova, Czech Republic, January 2019
  • RYT200, Power Yoga and Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga Academy, Czech Republic, May 2018 – January 2019
  • Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, 2015 – 2018
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