6-week course: Yoga for the Organs

Do you want to develop a regular yoga practice?
Do you want to learn more about the amazing benefits yoga practice has to offer?
Learn these amazing practices with Michaela.

I connected my enthusiasm for physiology & yoga and created this 6-week course for you.

All classes will be complex for the whole body, the theme will change each week so you gain deep knowledge of the body functions and how you can support them by doing yoga practices.

You will learn:
– A lovely self-care heart meditation.
– Work with the breath.
– Work with the digestion & nervous & immune systems.
– About the senses and perception of the reality we experience.

Week 1: Heart-opening yoga asanas, practices lowering the heart rate by mindful breathing and self-care meditation.
Week 2: Deeper understanding of the breathing practices. Learn calming and energizing breathing techniques so that they can help you in your everyday life on and off the yoga mat.
Week 3: Learning practices which support the process of digestion. Learning about how does the digestion influence our life experience & willpower.
Week 4: Learning practices which support the immune system so that the body is strong and healthy.
Week 5: Autonomic nervous system, how to induce parasympathetic nervous system response in order to calm down and be relaxed.
Week 6: Deeper understanding of how we receive information through senses and how much our own perception of reality influences us daily

Dates: Thursdays 28. 1. – 4. 3. 2021
Time: 5:30-6:30pm CET
Only 12 spots available.

Classes will be held via Zoom app and all sessions will be recorded so you can get back to them anytime.  💓

44 euro

What are my students saying? 😊

About your teacher

Michaela explored & taught yoga on the other side of the world and now she is back in Europe, sharing what she has learnt at yoga courses not only in New Zealand. She focuses on helping her students to connect with their body, breath and the inner voice.

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