Life-Changing Decision

There was a big decision in front of me back in spring 2018. I was finishing my bachelor’s degree and I wasn’t passionate about the work I was going towards in my studies. I studied a programme called medical laboratory technician at faculty of biomedical engineering at CTU in Prague. Then I was supposed to do a master’s degree in a specialized field within natural sciences. I loved the knowledge I learnt during my studies. However, I was sad in laboratory, the job was squeezing all the life’s enthusiasm from me.

Fortunately, I had the choice. I could have lived a life I wouldn’t have enjoyed too much but I would have fitted to a ‘normal’ society setting following the classical stereotype which is actually amazing for people who are happy like that, for people who know what they enjoy doing and they do that. But it wouldn’t work for me. Each of us needs something a little bit different. I had to take the entire responsibility for my life and happiness because the world doesn’t need another human being who is not happy with her or his life.

I chose to go the way which makes my heart beat faster, following my yoga passion and desire to live abroad for some period of time. Since I didn’t go to study master’s degree, I decided to design kind of my own master’s degree, going to educate myself abroad within a field which serves me. 

What is the idea behind designing my own degree?
I was supposed to study master’s degree which usually takes two years. I enjoy learning and unfortunately, I didn’t find the right programme for me. I wanted to deepen my knowledge within yoga and learn more about myself and the world.

The structure of my degree would look like this:

        • do what challenges you
        • have deep talks with people you meet
        • teach yoga
        • find teachers who inspire you and learn from them
        • go to many different yoga classes/workshops
        • practice consistently
        • change environment often 
        • breathe consciously on a day to day basis
        • get new skills
        • have fun
        • read books which will help you to growth
        • get inspired, inspire others

I made the decision, finished my bachelor’s degree, worked for six months in Prague and then I took a flight with a carry-on luggage only to New Zealand. It’s been over a year now. I’m still in New Zealand and I’m planning to move either to Southeast Asia or Central America soon.

Everyone has their own journey. We are all unique and each of us has something special to offer to help others. I’m taking the responsibility for my uniqueness and I’m working towards being the best version of myself with the circumstances I have at the moment. I will be sharing pieces of my yoga journey.

Take a conscious breath, smile and go to have a beautiful day!


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