Start with Yoga

3-week complete yoga beginners program

A 3-week private yoga program is dedicated to complete beginners who know yoga is not only about the physical aspect and would like to start their own practice where they can learn to work with the breath and the mind as well.

This is for you if you are:

  • Struggling to find out how to start yoga on your own and would love to get professional suport at the beginning.
  • Aware that yoga is much more then a physical practice, want to connect with your body on a deeper level and live your life at the present moment.
  • Looking for yoga techniques which you can use in your everyday life so that you feel harmonized.

You will learn:

  • Important yoga foundations on which you can build further practice.
  • Mindfulness techniques which will help you to be more present in your everyday life.
  • Breathe properly in the poses and flows.
  • Create your own practice which you can fit in your day.

What's included:

  • 3x 75 min online private session + its recordings.
  • Personalization according to your needs and intentions.
  • Unlimited email support (Mon – Fri)
  • Further practice recommendation.

Session 1

  • connecting with the body
  • building yoga foundations
  • breath awareness

Session 2

  • learning basic yoga flows
  • proper breathing
  • mindfulness techniques

Session 3

  • art of creating your own practice
  • everyday yoga integration
  • the next steps recommendation

Picture this with me:

In 3-week time you will know how to practice on your own properly and you will know how to use your breath to support yourself, connect with your body and during the day you will know how to bring yourself to the present moment so that you can experience your life on a new level.

How it works:

We will discuss your intentions and needs at 20-minute free call and then we will start your journey together!

What are my students saying? 😊

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