Calming Yoga & Yoga Nidra Free Masterclass

Do you want to feel more in charge of your life?
Do you want to connect with your body, your breath, and your inner voice?
Do you want to learn yoga practices which will help you to release tensions and to relax?

Calming Yoga and Yoga Nidra Masterclass will be all about how to feel calmer and more relaxed in todays fast paced world. You will get to know techniques and practices which will help you to connect with yourself and bring more calmness into your everyday life.

Wednesday 10th March 2021 at 6:30pm CET

Online via Zoom

90 – 120 minutes


What’s the masterclass harmonogram?
– Autonomic nervous system understanding.
– Calming yoga practices.
– Breathing techniques.
– Yoga Nidra introduction.
– 4-stage Yoga Nidra practice.
– Introducing a brand new Journey to a Calm Self group program.
– Takeaways: Lifestyle integration.

What do I need?
– Zoom app in your laptop or phone with a camera to connect to the meeting.
– A yoga mat/carpet and a blanket.
– Being registred via the form below so that you can get the Zoom link.

Not sure what is a yoga nidra practice?
Don’t worry, most of the people registering for this masterclass are not that sure, that’s one of reasons why this masterclass is happening because it a beautiful practice worth to know.

It’s a deep relaxation practice performed usually in a shavasana position for 20-40 minutes, it helps to release tensions on a physical, mental and emotional level so that you can feel lighter, calmer and happier. You will learn more about yoga nidra in the masterclass so don’t hesitate and register below, I want to see you shine in your everyday life. 

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