Calming Yoga classes are here to nourish your body. It allows you to let go of tensions on the physical & mental level so that you can enjoy your life more fully and in harmony.

Your first class with me is on me now!
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Inhale presence, exhale past and future.

When: Wednesdays, 6-7pm CET

Structure of the class:
– Opening (3min)
– Connecting with the body and the breath (5 min)
– Physical Yoga Practice (22 min)
– Yoga Nidra Practice: Deep relaxation practiced in shavasana (30 min)

Each class has a slightly different topic.

What do I need for the practice?
– Zoom app on laptop or phone with a camera to connect to the meeting.
– A yoga mat/carpet, a blanket and pillows.
– Being registered via the form below so that you can get the Zoom link.
 Comfortable clothing and a calm space.

8 EUR per casual class
28 EUR per month subscription
If this is not an affordable option for you at the moment, please connect with me at michaela@michaelasimova.com, I would still love to have you in the classes.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you!

Who will be your guide?

I’m Michaela

I believe the world is a better place to live when people are calm, rested and connected with themselves.

I’m a yoga and yoga nidra teacher as well as an eternal student of this practice.

My yogic journey started five years ago in Ireland. Continued in the Czech Republic where I’m originally from. Later, I discovered the power of yoga nidra in New Zealand.

On my journey, I was more and more aware of how tense and stressed our society is, which is not healthy for both the individual and collective. Neither for the planet Earth.

I realised it’s my mission to help others to be more harmonized, rested and have more clarity on what’s the next right step in their life.

That’s why I started these classes.
By helping yourself, you are helping other people as well. Can you notice the ripple effect?

Allow yourself to take a moment of deep rest.

What are students saying? 😊

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Your first class with me is on me now!
below in the form.

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